Welcome to our community.

We hope that your visit to Generation Wags and exploring our site and PAWsitive Action Alliance members and efforts will inspire you. Inspire you reflect about how we view companion animals and how WE can better their todays and tomorrows. more »

Choosing the right pet for your home and lifestyle.

Selecting the right pet to add to your home is an important decision ... one that could be critical to the life of your pet. Learn about things to consider in the selection. more »

Paw Folio to go! Ready when you need it.

A Generation Wags original, Paw Folio to go! is a handy folder that comes with a Pet Profile sheet for you to capture vital pet info in case of an emergency. more »

Meet BOGO Bowl

Check out this buy one give one dog and cat food company and how feeding your pet can help a rescue organization. more »

Behind Every Face Is A Story ...

For every picture of an animal looking to be rehomed at a shelter or through a rescue group is a homeless pet that has a story to tell. How did they get there? How could their plight have been prevented? What can we do to help? more »

Unconditional love and returning the favor.

Our pets offer unconditional love. Yet many humans don't return the favor. Sadly a staggering number end up in our local shelters or rescues, or wander as strays By learning the back story of why they are homeless we can begin to change the result more »


So many issues so little time. By becoming aware of the various issues is a start to tackling the problems! Get started learning about the issues and the PAWSOME efforts that are part of our Alliance.

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